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IRR Examples

10 financial questions you should ask yourself today!
by Scott Bilker

April 21, 2019

To quote the very well-known motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, ‘Questions are the answer.’ What exactly does he mean? Tony believes, as do I, that you have the ability to find the answer to any question. They key is to ask the right questions.

What I Learned From Ramit Sethi’s First Action Step
by Kari Luckett

April 24, 2019 [Sponsored Content]

I’m one of the many Americans trying to get this whole debt-to-savings thing in harmony with one another. I was never really concerned with this until I became employed with a company in the financial sector.

Consider Financing Your Next Car with a Credit Card
by Scott Bilker

April 22, 2019

Buy a car with a credit card! Sound crazy? Well, just hear me out on this one. Before we get started there are a few words of caution that need mentioning.

Simple Way To Find True Return With Fees Included
by Scott Bilker

April 23, 2019

You have an investment that delivers a 7% return each year. However, you are charged a 2% management fee. What is the real rate of return on your money?